Monday, July 11, 2011

Don't Mess with Ginny!

Today The Burtonesque Dolls and Simply Betty Stamps bring you Ginny Weasley.  Ginny is one in a long line of Weasley children at Hogwarts but she is the only girl.  Growing up with Fred and George, Ginny learned to take care of herself.  You never want to be on the receiving end of one of her "Bat-Bogey" hexes. 

I am so loving these Funky Potter images.  I colored Ginny with Copics.  The bats are from a Martha Stewart punch as is the Drippy Goo border.  Get it?!  The goo represents the bogey part of the hex.  I distressed part of the card with some SU Caramel ink.  

I hope you are enjoying Preview Day #2 of the Funky Potters.  Please hop over to TBD and see what the other Design Team members have done.  Also, check back tomorrow to see the next Funky Potter.  I will give you a hint...his spells don't work right when he breaks his wand.  See you tomorrow.

Oh, before I leave I was asked about purchasing these images.  Please check Simply Betty Stamps on Preview Day 6 for all the details.

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Alicia Craddock said...

I love her hair! It looks great!